Abhinav Shah
CEO & Director, Procurement
Abhinav likes to believe he is an entrepreneur who is keen to create an organisation which will be committed to quality, a brand which is synonymous with honesty, a culture which cares for the farmers who are at the core of this company and a team which is relentless in its pursuits of its goals.
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Abhishek Raj
Director, Operations
Abhishek has an eye for the detail and has been instrumental in building a state of the art processing infrastructure manned and operated by a team whose only motto in life is quality. Abhishek is not only conscious about producing great products but is also aware that the plant and processes should be environmental friendly.
Abhishek has spent over a decade in the field of Audit (Statutory, Internal, Specific and Fraud Investigations) and has significant experience in control environment, having exposure of national and multinational companies in different geographies from Asia, Europe, Africa( Sub-Saharan, East and West), Americas (Latin, Central and North)
Harsh Thakkar
Director, Sales & Marketing
Harsh is a true salesman. He is committed to his craft and one of the few left in the trade who would like to elevate his craft to the level of art. He calls himself an Agnostic but is a true believer in the adage that the Customer is always right.
Harsh has spent 17 years in distribution business of marquee brands in FMCG and is a doyen in his chosen craft. He has ensured that the entire team at Osam is customer centric and all our actions are directed to achieve that goal.
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Rakesh Sharma
Director , Finance
Rakesh is a Money man and a proud Money man. He is entrusted with the task of ensuring that there is enough money for a start up to chase its dreams and realise its dreams. He ensures financial discipline and its effect rubs off on all activities of the company.
Rakesh is a Chartered Accountant and has handled the corporate fund raising activities for numerous companies during his stints with Dimensions (a boutique advisory firm) and also the corporate finance team of Luminous.
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Osam Team
Abhinav Shah - CEO Abhishek Raj - Director, Operations Harsh Thakkar - Director, Sales & Marketing Rakesh Sharma - Director , Finance